Foot fetish

Article about havving a fetish for feet also known as Foot Worship.


Before I started writing this article and knowing a little about foot fetish and the feelings one can get when someone is licking or sucking on one’s toes, I thought I was start with a little on the history of foot fetish.

The attraction to feet could be sexual or non-sexual. Originally it was thought that the word fetish had come from Portuguese ‘feitico’ and the implication being the artifact was created artistically or by the supernatural and was worshipped in an obsessive fashion. By the nineteenth century the term had been extended to refer to anything which was irrationally worshipped. Such as worshipping feet…

One report went on to say that as the science of sexology developed from the nineteenth century the term fetish became firmly associated with sex and the attraction of certain parts of the female body; such as feet, hair, buttocks and breasts. Other fetishes focus on objects such as gloves, lingerie, hose/nylons/stockings and leather etc.

But today we are going to focus on the foot fetish. I mentioned in my previous paragraph that the report mentioned that the attraction was with certain parts of the female body… so, as we do not discriminate here, let me tell you that a lot of men enjoy their feet being touched and licked and sucked. I have written about the gay foot / feet fetish before but for now we will work our way through the female side of the fetish and focus on the male side of things in a later article.

When it comes to the worshipping feet, where does one start. Well let’s start with clean feet. Well manicured or perhaps you might want to allow another person to look after your feet for you. Gently, they can give you a pedicure (a pedicure is a session of treatment, such as applying varnish, massaging cream into the feet etc.) and then the fun can begin.

You see there are different kinds of foot fetish along with what a lot of people would call sub-fetishes. Personally I enjoy having a foot soak, a nice soothing massage and then allowing the other person, my partner or my slave to lick and kiss my feet. Another time I enjoy the licking kissing and sucking is when we’re having wild sex and my legs are up over my partner’s shoulder. This gives him the opportunity to suck my toes into his mouth, let his tongue lick up and down the ticklish flesh.

Sometimes if I am not ready for it, it can be a wake up call because it tickles like hell, but that doesn’t stop him.

Now remember I mentioned different sub-fetishes that come with a foot fetish? Well let me take you back just over six years to when I first met with three escorts. My partner and I were doing business with them. At that time they asked us to design and print some business cards for them. It was then that I was introduced to the adult world and they proceeded to tell us about some of their clients and what they requested.

One gentleman was into the foot fetish in a very strange way. One week he would call Lucy (name changed to protect her privacy) and ask her if he could see her during his lunch break. Lunch often consisted of a sandwich of some sort and very often it had ham meat filling with mayonnaise. Now this guy may seem weird to some but that didn’t stop Lucy from seeing him and helping him enjoy his lunch.

When he arrived she would take him upstairs to a sparkling fully bleached and disinfectant bathroom. Why you might ask?

Lucy would carefully un-wrap the plastic wrap from his sandwich and in her bare feet while he sat on the floor and looked on she trampled it. Yes! That’s right! She’d trample it using her bare feet until all the bread, mayonnaise and ham were all over her toes and feet. She would then sit back on the bath and let him lick her feet clean…

You may find this kind for strange, but he didn’t. This was something he was really into and it certainly didn’t stop there. Often he would arrive and she would be waiting for him in his boots. Of course the same thing happened, the sandwich would be trampled and he would lick it from her boots…

Other foot fetishists love looking, touching, admiring feet. They like to feel soft feet wrapped around their cock or I know that toe fucking is definitely a huge turn on for lots of people. Now not everyone likes soft, clean feet, I have looked into the foot fetish that men like too. The smelly socks, smelly feet and then there are feet covered in nylons or stockings, which is a must for some fetishists.

My slave loves to play with my feet. He loves touching them and feeling them before working his way up to my pussy, but just him touching and playing is a huge turn on for me. I’m not into the tickle side of the fetish but I do enjoy the sensual and sexually stimulating touches. I know he loves it when I order him to lick my toes; he just has to do it…

Over the years people have tried to establish where and how a love for feet, the foot fetish has developed. But no where on the internet could I find such information except for what was mentioned about fetish, some centuries ago. I did read however that many psychiatrists believe that it something that stems back to one’s childhood…

It has been established though that having a fetish for feet is fairly harmless and to help foot fetishists ‘come out of the closet’ two men have Doug Gaines and Gary Brett started an organization for these people. Actually they started two. If you remember at the start of this article I mentioned that males also have a love for feet. These two men started the two organizations, one for homosexuals and the other for heterosexuals.

What can I say about foot fetish? Many people who have a fetish for feet don’t talk about it, which is why these two groups were formed… And remember, you may have a fetish for cute bottoms, others may have one for breasts but many have a love for feet. Don’t pooh, pooh it, until you try it.

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