50 shades of role play

You read the books and seen the film? Then you are going to know what 50 shades of role play is all about and if your a dominant man seeking a sexy horny submissive to have your wicked way with then your in the right place as we are home to the naughtiest willing submissives in the UK these sub sluts are seeking their own Mr Grey and just like the books they will submit to you and do as you wish. At E fetish dating we have thousands of genuine submissive as well as new first time subs who are seeking their own kinky fuckery with like minded doms and take it from me it wont take you long to find your own sub who’s willing to explore your deep dark world of BDSM. To make these meets work you and your sub must be on the same wave length learn both your hard & soft limits and when you know what each other like then go for it.

There are many ways to enjoy 50 shades of role play ranging from soft play to extreme play, Below are some examples both yourself and your sex partner could enjoy:

First things first: Write up a contract between you & your sub write down soft & hard limits, safe words etc
All tied up: Use your favourite tie to use on your subs hand gently tying it into say a Windsor knot. This keeps the touching at bay when you want to have your wicked way with her in the sack
Eyes wide open; Nothings more kinkier than keeping eye contact through out sex and intercourse!
Role play: Role play allows you and your partner to fulfil some of your deepest dark desires
Rope play: Use ropes at you pleasure whether it be to have hands tied together, arms spread apart or have the lady spread eagled on the bed!

Take it from me guys these horny mums and wives know just what they want from these sex meets and its all thanks to Mr Grey and his world of BDSM. Enjoy experimenting and turn these sluts into loyal subs. You’ll be thanking me in the long run. Now to find a kinky slut for 50 shades of role play fun please join E fetish dating for free and start your search for your own Anastasia Steele here today.

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